Select remote

The component, contained in kvision-bootstrap-select-remote module, is a special component you can use to render a select box with options loaded from the server. Unlike standard SelectInput component (which can also load options from an AJAX source but needs a defined endpoint) SelectRemoteInput is bound directly to the method of the remote service. The method signature looks like this:

interface IDictionaryService {
suspend fun dictionary(search: String?, initial: String?, state: String?): List<RemoteOption>

The search parameter is send with the value entered by the user into the search box of the select control. It should be used to filter the returned list of options.

The initial parameter is send with the initial value of the select control. If it's not null, the option bound to the given value should be returned (even if search is not null and does not match the initial value).

The state parameter allows you to send optional, additional data to the backend service, with the help of the stateFunction parameter of the SelectRemoteInput constructor.

The RemoteOption class is defined as:

data class RemoteOption(
val value: String? = null,
val text: String? = null,
val className: String? = null,
val subtext: String? = null,
val icon: String? = null,
val content: String? = null,
val disabled: Boolean = false,
val divider: Boolean = false

and allows to send full set of properties for every option.

To use SelectRemote form control, you initialize it with the ServiceManager instance and a callable reference to the right method.

SelectRemote(serviceManager = DictionaryServiceManager,
function = IDictionaryService::dictionary,
stateFunction = { someState.toString() },
label = "Select option from the dictionary"